Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Ask Dr. Leavitt-- I'm dieting and exercising, but I'm still having trouble losing weight. How can I boost my metabolism?

You are definitely not alone. This is an issue I hear about quite often in my practice. The key to success for your weight loss is to look at it from each angle. First, it's important to get your thyroid checked with a simple blood test. You will need to look at the full thyroid panel, not just T4 or T3. Your family doctor can help you with this.

Your weight depends more on the number of calories you eat and how much physical activity you get than your metabolism, but it is true that it is more difficult to lose weight if your metabolism is not working properly. If your blood test does show you to have a slow thyroid, or have hypothyroidism, your family doctor can help you with ways to boost your level.

Focus on the factors you have control over. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Other areas that are important to provide an body environment conducive to weight loss are getting good sleep, positive stress management, and having a good support system. Sit down and talk with your family doctor about all of these areas along with your thyroid test. Your diet and exercise program does not have to be extreme, small changes can lead to big results.

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Posted on 01/18/2012 8:55 AM by Paul J. Leavitt, M.D.
31 Jul 2012
Cathy Hicks

I agree with you also need to switch up your work out routine at least every six weeks. Muscle confusion is a key to lose those extra pounds. Look at it this way, your body is built to walk so challenge it by doing a fast run for 30 seconds or stop to do a few push ups while you walking. If your body get used to a certain routine it is harder to lose those extra pounds. 

Bottome line you  have to put a little extra into your routine....don't read a book on the treadmill, give it your all!

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