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Ask Dr. Leavitt--I was recently diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. What can I do to change my health for the better?

My resolution this year was to take better care of my health. I was diagnosed last year with metabolic syndrome. What can I do to fix this?

Metabolic syndrome is simply insulin resistance and inflammation within the body. It is also known as pre-diabetes or syndrome X. The American Heart Association defines metabolic syndrome as having an elevated waist circumference, high triglycerides, reduced good cholesterol (HDL), hypertension (>130/85), and elevated blood sugar.

Common risk factors are stress, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. . You are not alone as many people deal with this syndrome and the good news is it is reversible. Positive changes include daily physical activity, reduced caloric intake, finding new outlets to handle stress, losing excess weight and limiting sugar, salt, and fat in the diet.

A great way to track your progress is to sit down and talk with your family doctor as you begin your lifestyle changes. Get your complete blood work done and discuss your plan to achieve your health goals. Redrawing labs every six months will show what progress you’ve made in improving your health. Your doctor can be a great partner and coach in helping you achieve your health goals. This is the year to begin living the life you want to live!

At Leavitt Family Medicine, we are here for you. We welcome your questions and comments; Please let us know how we can help you today!

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